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Self-Paced PeopleSoft Training

ctcLink Training courses and registration

PeopleSoft Fundamentals

PeopleSoft Fundamentals is for Washington community and technical college staff working in any of the three ctcLink pillars: Campus Solutions, Finance, Human Capital Management.

This self-paced course in Canvas, offered by the ctcLink Training team, provides a basic understanding of fundamental PeopleSoft components within ctcLink, including the following topics:

  • Become familiar with the ctcLink project
  • Describe each pillar and its modules
  • Understand PeopleSoft navigation, terms and concepts
  • Customize your environment
  • Add and update data
  • Run reports, jobs and queries

Depending on your role within ctcLink, you will continue through various additional courses to gain a basic understanding of each.

Enroll in PeopleSoft Fundamentals

Canvas Learning Management System (LMS)

All of our ctcLink course content is housed in the Canvas LMS. Canvas is available to all of the community and technical colleges in our system.


Panopto is the easy-to-use video platform for training, teaching and presenting. Use Panopto to record instructor led training or create tutorials for staff. Panopto automatically syncs your video, slides, on-screen and on-screen content. Look in your Canvas classroom's lefthand navigation menu to connect to Panopto.

The ctcLink Reference Center houses Quick Reference Guides (QRGs) to aid users in understanding various PeopleSoft business processes. The Reference Center is organized by PeopleSoft pillar area and is easy to search. 

You may see reference to “Articles,” which is the same as a QRG. You have the opportunity to leave comments or questions at the end of each article. The Training Team monitors this section and will respond.

The ctcLink Reference Center includes self-service guides for PeopleSoft 9.2:

The ctcLink Project Information page in Canvas provides activities and materials for each Deployment Group, including:

  • Deployment Group Pages
  • Global Design Adoption (GDA)
  • Business Process Fit/Gap (BPFG)
  • Conversion Validation and Crosswalks
  • Data Cleanup

Get familiar with PeopleSoft terminology at the Glossary of Terms in the ctcLink Reference Center.

PeopleSoft Query and Reporting courses — and prerequisite management and registration for these courses — are managed by the SBCTC Data Services team. 

Information and links are provided here for your convenience.

Learn more about ctcLink PeopleSoft Query Development Online Courses, including:

  • Courses for PeopleSoft Reporting End-Users
  • ctcLink PeopleSoft Query Training Documents 


ctcLink PeopleSoft 9.2 Self-Service Guides

Quick links to popular ctcLink Reference Center articles:

Courses for PeopleSoft Query Developers

ctcLink PeopleSoft Query Development Online Courses

  • Query Development Life Cycle (QDLC) 
  • PS Query 101 Basics Canvas
  • PS Query 201 Intermediate
  • PS Query 301 Advanced
  • Fundamentals Lab Canvas Course

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