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ctcLink Human Capital Management

Human Capital Management (HCM) Favorites

Here are a few suggested shortcuts and links to help make it easier to find your way around in the HCM module. 

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  • Report Time: Self Service  >  Time Reporting  >  Time sheet
  • Approve Time: Manager Self Service  >  Time Management  >  Approve Time and Exceptions
  • View Leave Balances: Self Service  >  Time Reporting  >  View Time  >  Absence Balances
  • Manager Dashboard: Manager Self Service  >  Manager Dashboard
  • Request Overtime: Self Service  >  Time Reporting  >  Report Time  >  Overtime Requests (eligible employees)

HCM Work Sessions

Current 2022 sessions (only available to college and SBCTC staff)

Previous Sessions

Explore previous topics or just refresh your memory with previously recorded Pillar Work Sessions. Previously recorded Work Sessions are housed in the ctcLink Work Session Information Canvas course. Sign into the course and complete the user agreement to display Work Session information by pillar area and then topic. If you have not registered, you will receive an access denied message. Register for course(s) at the ctcLink Training Registration page or view this short video clip.

Frequently Used HCM Module Navigation and Tools

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Define payee data, run absence and payroll calculations, run banking process, create reports, and send data to the General Ledger, Time and Labor and Payroll

Review benefit plans, track FMLA, calculate leave accrual, etc.

  • Viewing a Benefit Plan
  • Main Menu  >  Benefits  >  Review Employee Benefits  >  Current Benefits Summary

Maintain Employee payroll information, process payroll information, process payrolls, collect taxes and process year-end requirements

Navigate to your self-service information and activities

  • Review status of Transactions: Main Menu  >  Self Service  >  Review Transactions
  • Report Time: Main Menu  >  Self Service  >  Time Reporting  >   Time sheet
  • View Leave Balances: Main Menu  >  Self Service  >  Time Reporting  >  View Time  >  Absence Balances
  • Request Absence: Main Menu  >  Self Service  >  Time Reporting  >  Report Time  >  Absence Request

Navigate self- service information and activities

  • Delegate Duties: Self Service  >  Manage Delegation  >  Manage Delegation 
    Manager Self Service  >  Manager Dashboard  >  Administer Delegation

Manage and administer the recruiting process 

Report manage and approve time, review schedules, and produce payable time for payroll and financial systems)

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