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Perkins Plan

The Carl D. Perkins Vocational and Technical Education Act aims to prepare students to enter the workforce with the academic and vocational skills needed to compete successfully in a knowledge- and skills-based world economy.

Perkins funds support career and technical education that prepare students both for further education and the careers of their choice. Perkins funds help ensure career and technical programs are challenging and integrate academic and technical education to meet the needs of business and industry.


Tim McClain
Program Administrator, Workforce Education

Kathy Goebel
Policy Associate, Workforce Education


Important dates

Milestones Key Dates
Application available Feb. 21, 2019
Application deadline April 4, 2019
Funds available/grant start July 1, 2019
Final day to submit budget revisions for FY20 June 15, 2020
Projected end date of grant June 30, 2020
Final day to submit invoices for FY20 July 15, 2020
Final report deadline July 31, 2020

Grant guidelines and program resources

2019-20 Perkins Plan Webinar

A webinar providing information on the Perkins Plan grant occurred on March 1, 2019. Due to technical issues, the first few seconds of the webinar were not recorded. The content is not affected, but we apologize for the abrupt start to the video. All information presented in the webinar can be found in the notes of the Perkins Plan Webinar PowerPoint also linked below. 

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A program of study (POS) is designed to provide students with a non-duplicative sequence of progressive achievement leading to technical skill proficiency, a credential, certificate  or  degree, and linked through credit transfer agreements between the two institutions. Programs of study are a requirement for eligibility to receive Perkins funding under the Perkins IV legislation.

Sec 203(c)(2a)

"A program of study combines a minimum of two years of secondary education (as determined under State law) with a minimum of two years of postsecondary education in a non-duplicative, sequential course of study or an apprenticeship program of not less than two years following secondary education instruction and integrates academic and career and technical education instruction, and utilizes work-based and worksite learning experiences where appropriate and available." [Sec 203(c)(2a)]

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