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ctcLink Accessibility

The ctcLink Support team is committed to working with the colleges, systemwide stakeholders, Oracle, and other third-party vendors to identify and resolve accessibility issues. This page includes activities, resources, documentation, and VPATs.

ctcLink Accessibility Activities & Reviews

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  • Monthly One-on-One Meeting with Oracle
  • Monthly PeopleSoft HCM Accessibility Focus Groups with Oracle
  • HighPoint HCX accessibility review of latest software release
  • Online Admissions Applications Portal (OAAP) accessibility updates
  • Service Desk Tickets/Oracle Service Requests:
    • Campus Solutions - Academic advisement reports 0 incorrect PDF tags
    • Campus Solutions - Tab order for submit button under student enrollment process is out of tab index order
    • Campus Solutions - Student payments in small form factor reflow issue
    • Campus Solutions - Screen reader on Academic Progress page - waiting on details on page interaction from customer
    • Financials - Travel Authorizations - no label on attachment button
    • Human Capital Management - W-2 PDFs
    • Human Capital Management - Request Absence Page Reloads 
    • Human Capital Management - Multiple jobs indistinguishable by screen reader
    • Human Capital Management - Report time interface - issue with focus and date box in NVDA
    • All Pillars
      • Switch form control/checkbooks - WAVE evaluation tool reports as non-compliant
      • Back button behavior - does not work from a page accessed with the TransferPage function
      • Combo Box Drop-down behavior - displays one blank row and list items order is not top to bottom
      • Calendar widget behavior 
      • Query viewer page - criteria not read in screen reader forms mode 

Level Access, an independent accessibility vendor, completed a ctcLink/PeopleSoft implementation accessibility review September 2019 and issued its initial findings. A follow-up review was conducted in April 2020 to review the impacts of upgrading to PeopleTools 8.57.

Tracking progress and improvement

SBCTC is working to resolve issues and steadily improve its accessibility scores.

Section Accessible Percentage
Campus Solutions (CS) - Student Self-Service 77%
Human Capital Management (HCM) - Employee Self-Service 70%
Finance (FIN) - Employee Travel and Expense 86%

Source: April 2020 Level Access Assessment

Image Overview Update Documents

Oracle releases updates (referred to as "image updates") to PeopleSoft applications and tools on a regular basis. The documents below provide an overview of changes users can expect to see with each application or tool upgrade, specific to our ctcLink environment. Accessibility improvements are often included in these updates.

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Voluntary Product Accessibility Templates (VPAT)

Product vendor Voluntary Product Accessibility Templates (VPAT) and accessibility programs.

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Accessibility & ctcLink Open Forum

ctcLink User Accessibility Resources



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